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Mini-e2 Room Sterilizer and the KleenPas Walk-through Sterilizer is your COVID-19 disinfectant solution.

These 2 amazing products combine to form the ultimate disinfecting system on the market today. And now, after years of being used in the Military, FEMA and other Federal agencies, that system is available for the public for use in commercial and residential settings.

Our approach:

1.     Whole Room Disinfection: Our certified team will present the Mini-e2 into your space and into the air, for whole room/space decontamination and sterilization. 

2.     Customer and Team Comfort: A certificate of treatment is generated by the Mini-e2 machine confirming the date and quantity of product deployed as proof of process, comfort for your customers and your team.

3.     Ongoing ProtocolsContinued maintenance of CDC guidelines for cleaning and other precautionary measures through your existing providers and team.

Proprietary disinfecting

The Mini-eBlaster is a nebulizing diffuser that comes in corded and cordless models for convenience. Both units hold up to 4 gallons. The corded model is 115v and the cordless model is 40v and comes with 3 batteries and a charger. The standout feature of the Mini-e2 is the incredible ultra-fine mist it produces at an average 6 microns. This ultra-fine mist is able to attack pathogens on the smallest level, and will only need a minimal amount of cleaning afterwards! The Mini-e2 System will leave your home or facility disinfected, smelling fresh, and ready for habitation in approx 1 hour after application

Key takeaways:

·      Our system and process reduce human error and significantly increase decontamination and sterilization efficiencies

·      While many products and processes, such as UV radiation, are well marketed they lack the ability to reach every space 

·      A certificate of service will be provided after each service

At Happy Pack Clean we are committed to providing best in class solutions for our clients.  Using our three-step approach will offer you the best workplace reentry protocol and consumer confidence available today.  Your room, bus, plane, or ANY space will be as sterile as an operating room upon completion of our service

Leave the cleaning to us

We provide full cleaning services for your home or business. Move-in, move out or routine cleaning options available. Call today for more information (813) 900-6883.

When selecting a company to provide coronavirus disinfection services, it is imperative that you select a company, like HPMCS, that is compliant and follows all CDC guidance regarding COVID-19.

We’ve put together some helpful resources to ensure that your business minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19 and what to do in the event that you do experience an outbreak in the workplace.

Sterilization & Sanitation

These room sterilization systems are currently being used to keep Covid-19 first responders and healthcare teams protected by automatically disinfecting potentially compromised areas and equipment. 

Mini-e2 Nebulizing Diffuser 

KleenPas Portable Walk-through Sterilizer

PES SHIELD 2700 is our 2 part, EPA registered disinfectant solution that has been has shown in lab tests to have a 7 log kill against more than 300 harmful bacteria, viruses and molds, including E.coli, Salmonela, Swine Flu, and HIV type 1